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Hello Everyone. I just submitted my landscape, "The Amber Island" to this months Bold Brush Painting Contest. Stop on over and take a look! This months judge is Lori Woodward. She has some beautiful work worth checking out as well!

Upcoming post involves a demonstration by Neilson Carlin, owner and educator for Studio Rilievo. Check back soon for the actual update.

Just submitted my landscape, "Twilight Bench"  into the Bold Brush painting competition. Stop on over using the link below to check it out. And give it a Facebook like while you are there! 

Studio Incamminati and Freeman's Auctioneers have joined efforts to introduce, "The Artists of Studio Incamminati, School for Contemporary Realist Art” exhibition. The show runs from June 8th to the 17th and features over 100 works of art from 40 talented artists. Some of the artists showcased include, Stephen Early, Darren Kingsley, Leona Shanks, Peter Kelsey, Robin Frey, Kerry Dunn, Nelson Shanks, and many others. 

During the exhibitions running, several events were established, one being a live portrait demo done by Nelson Shanks, founder of Studio Incamminati. Pricing for this event was 50.00 per person, unless you had a valid art student ID. With that said, several of my friends from PAFA and I decided to take a trip over and watch the demo. The model of choice was none other than Gerry Lenfest. For those unaware of Mr. Lenfest's achievements take a look at the link connected to his name. There you will lean a bit more of his contributions. 

Below are several images taken from the demonstration. Each slide was a separate session lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. 

First Session

Second Session

Third Session

Final Painting 
Detail #1

Detail #2

Nelson Shanks and Gerry Lenfest posing for the barrage of incoming photos. From my observation, it looked like both gentlemen had a great evening. Nelson was quite honored to paint Lenfest's portrait, as he said several times throughout the evening. 

Below I have listed a bit of information on Nelson’s Palette arrangement and brush choices.
Colors include Gamblin, Winsor-Newton, Old Holland, and Grumbacher, unless noted.

Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Venetian Red
Crimson Lake Deep Extra (Old Holland)
Permanent Rose (W-N)
Cadmium Red Deep
Camium Scarlet
Perinone Red (Gamblin)
Perylene Red (Gamblin)
Cadmium Orange
Raw Sienna
Indian Yellow (W-N)
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Pale
Cadmium Green Pale
Cadmium Green
Viridian (W-N)
Pthalo Green
Cerulean Blue
Cobalt Blue
Manganese Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Dioxazine Purple
Ivory Black
Flake White #2

Nelson uses a company called, Silver Brush, to produce customized brush sets designed for portrait and figurative painters. The company website has more information on their quality and retail locations. 

Since my arrival at The Academy four years ago, I have met many great artists and professors alike, who have pushed me closer to achieving my artistic goals. Yet one professor has, and always will, remain one of the most inspiring, dedicated, and passionate instructors I have even been fortunate enough to study with. I introduce to you, local Philadelphia artist, William Scott Noel.

Noel’s latest solo show, Local Habitations and A Name, is currently hanging at the Gross McCleaf Gallery and will remain up from March 1 to the 28.

Fellow Academy students, professors, and general public walking around the show.
Carolyn Pyform, Peter Van Dyck and David Golas enjoying what looks to be a great conversation.


On to the Paintings

Here are just a few of the Paintings currently hanging up at the Gross McCleaf Gallery.
If you are interested in seeing more of Scott Noel's work, I would suggest taking a trip over to the show, but for those who cannot find the time to do so, I recommend stopping by my Google Albums for more high quality images.

Portrait of Carolyn, oil on linen
Ship of Fools, 2010, oil on linen, 42 x 46 inches
Danae II, 2011, oil on linen, 76 x 44 inches

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